Thursday, December 20

How To Play NinjaZombiePirate

NinjaZombiePirate (NZP) is a two player game and presupposes that each player has at least one full upper chest extremity or a reasonable facsimile. Here's how to play:

  1. The two players face each other and each form a loose fist with one hand.

  2. While chanting "Ninja Zombie Pirate Go" the players move their hands in and out of the playing area and on "Go" reveal one of the following hand signs:

  3. NinjaZombiePirate

    • Ninja Death Blow - The hand is presented close to perpendicular to the floor with all fingers together in a Ninja Death Blow. Anything from a perfectly straight karate chop to a GI Joe Kung Fu grip is acceptable.

    • Brains - The hand is presented in a tightly closed fist representing the tasty brains loved by zombies the world over.

    • The Hook - The hand is presented with all fingers in a closed fist except the index finger which is half extended and half curled in the shape of a pirate's hook.

  4. The winner of each round of NZP is determined by the following protocol

    • Ninja Death Blow beats Brains because the Ninja stealthfully elludes the Zombie

    • Brains beats The Hook because the Zombie eats the Pirates brains

    • The Hook beats Ninja Death Blow because the Pirate double crosses the Ninja

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